Julie Crabtree - Pfannes
Bratach Sith Studio
Fiber Artist
Updated on 4/21/13
By Hogwild
Original Hand Stitched
Heart Card
Original Hand
Stitched Rose Card

I begin with a blank canvas which I hand paint to give a base for my work. Using
a basic sewing machine and only a straight or zig zag stitch, I use a free motion
technique  which is like drawing with a needle and thread. Adding much more
depth with hand stitching using a variety of threads and fabrics. Some are hand
dyed for custom colors, building up layer upon layer to create depth to the art.
Applications could include handmade paper, distressed fabrics or whatever I
can make to create the work.

      Thank you for visiting my web site and sharing my passion for art.            

I will have originals and

prints in the Textile Center

of Minnesota's gift shop

in 2013

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New For 2013
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